The Alcazarén AP is rated, is a member of, and is listed in several organizations. It also participates in the evaluation for other APs and, last but not least, proudly has a friendship relationship with other websites.



Luis Vadillo en el Vaticano el 2002-10-08

Luis E. Vadillo

Spanish, English and Italian language websites evaluator.

Award Graphics

Awards and Qualification Graphics

There are four Award Program graphics: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualification. Several sets are in use and some may be withdrawn. They are shown here to provide a view of their evolution. Only the graphics (2 sizes) from the default set will be sent to the award winners, however, any other active set graphic can be used if requested by e-mail.

Request Form

Award Request Form

All the form fields must be answered except for the optional field 4 and field 8 (if it is not a re-evaluation). In field 3 there must be a positive answer for the request to be taken into account.

Once the form is revised, send it by hitting the Submit key just once, the transmission will be confirmed by a window change in your browser.

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