Premios recibidos

Premios recibidos
(Awards Received)

Gracias a cuantos han tenido la gentileza de otorgar sus distinciones a esta página de la villa de Alcazarén. Los gráficos de los premios están protegidos por los derechos de propiedad que, como autores, tienen sus creadores y no pueden ser utilizados sin autorización de los mismos.

Los premios recibidos se mostrarán en esta página durante, al menos, tres años; el más reciente en primer lugar.

(Thank you to all who have awarded this villa de Alcazarén website with their prestigious distinctions. All the award graphics displayed are protected by copyright law and cannot be utilized without the authorization of their creators.

Awards received will be shown on this page during, at least, three years; the most recent one is shown first.)


Award Sites! Notable Service Recognition (2008-03-05)

2008-03-05. Award Sites! Notable Service Recognition

Attn: Luis Vadillo

On behalf of Award Sites! staff, your Alcazaren Award Program is now recognized on its listing page at Award Sites! with the following statement and associated sample of the attached Notable Service Banner...

"This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years... providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!"

Proudly, display the badge with a link back to Award Sites!

David Bancroft
Owner / Founder
Award Sites!


Award Sites! NovaSite!

2006-09-01. September 1, 2006 Award Sites! NovaSite!

My dear friend Luis you are our Nova site selection being currently displayed at the URI below.

We are honored to have honored you and a badge is attached which you may proudly display.

Brothers Grinn
Denny Lancaster
Bernie Howe


Website Strategic Award (2006-03-01)

2006-03-01. Website Strategic Award. Cerrado (closed)

Dear Luis E. Vadillo Sacristán,

Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you the Website Strategic Award. I appreciated your excellent performance in website strategic planning. Your plan and your website are exactly what we are looking for with our purpose.

You have created both, an outstanding strategic plan and a website achievement worthy of praise.

Thanks again for your participation in this program, and for affording me the opportunity to evaluate your plan and your website. I give you my best wishes for your future endeavors.

Best regards,
Alberto Paronetto


Icono UWSAG ASP winner 3rd. quarter, 2004 (2004-09-26)

2004-09-26. UWSAG Award Seekers Pick for 3rd. Quarter, 2004

Hello Luis,

My name is Mark Mclean and I am the UWSAG Award Seekers Pick manager. I am delighted to inform you that you have won the 3rd quarter award!

The reason that you have won this award is that your site was nominated more than any other during the 3rd quarter period.

You will find your award attached to this e-mail. Please note that your site will be listed on the UWSAG ASP pages soon! Congratulations again Luis.

Mark(Award Seekers Pick Manager!)


Talking Hands Award (2004-02-07)

2004-02-07. Talking Hands Award, AS! 4.5, UW A

Alcazarén is located the in province of Valladolid, Spain, so be prepared dear reader to engage your favorite online translator from Spanish to your native language. We found the translation to English, our native language to be excellent, because of the expertly authored narrative.

The web site author has gone to extraordinary efforts to provide accurate historical information about Alcazarén, its origins, structures, development and other areas of delight in such a manner, that even a casual reader will be drawn into history as if an actual participant.

Reviewer, R. D. L. Key teaching element: History. Accessibility: Certified.

Simbología (Legend):
AS! = Award Sites!, UW = United Web Site Awards Givers.

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