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Evaluation Status

2010-01-27. Completed evaluation of applicants' forms received prior to 2010-01-27. Thank you all for applying for the Alcazarén Award. Please remember that you may request a re-evaluation 4 months after your last application, also, you may keep the 5cq qualification logo as long as you meet the qualification requirements.

Total and Year 2010 Statistics

Year 2010 present total of 3 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 0, Silver 0, Bronze 0 and no award 3. Cumulative total of 837 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 16, Silver 34, Bronze 124 and no award 663.


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Year 2010 Winners Lists

The following are the present Alcazarén year 2010 awards winners lists (0 websites awarded), ordered with the most recent winner first:

Gold Awards List

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Date Ctry M Website Comments
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Silver Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
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Bronze Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
- - - - -

Legend: M = Metal, +++ = Gold, ++  = Silver, + = Bronze.
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Note: A rating index requires to explicitely report: There are winners for at least one level or more in every past month of this year, except as noted: none.


Previous years 2009-2003 Winners Lists

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