Year 2007 Winners

Year 2007 Statistics

A total of 52 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 1, Silver 1, Bronze 5 and no award 45.

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Year 2007 Winners Lists

The following are the Alcazarén year 2007 awards winners lists (7 websites awarded), ordered with the most recent winner first:

Gold Awards List

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Date Ctry M Website Comments
Reino Unido (United Kingdom) +++ RMS Carnoia II Timeline. Life and times aboard this Cunard's ship. Explore an era of luxury ocean travel that's not likely to ever be repeated.


Silver Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2007-12-27 EUA (USA) ++  Celebrating Wildflowers -cancelada (cancelled)-. Enjoyment of USA's wildflowers. Celebrate USA's thousands of wildflowers growing in national forests and grasslands.


Bronze Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2007-12-27 EUA (USA) + World Paper Currency. Images of paper currency. Front and back images of over 300 countries' paper money.
2007-12-27 EUA (USA) + Real Armor of God -cancelada (cancelled)-. Weapons information past eras. Resource for education regarding Roman, Medieval and Renaissance eras.
2007-12-27 Italia (Italy) + Atlantis Revealed. The myth of Atlantis. Theories, documents and possible Atlantis' location in South America.
2007-12-27 Cánada (Canada) + Fussy Baby -cancelada (cancelled)-. Care for small babies. How to avoid babies cry or fuss bacause they are in pain or unconfortable.
2007-05-27 Argentina + La Galera Patagónica -cancelada (cancelled)-. Historia de la patogónia argentina. Descubrimientos, exploraciones y pioneros de la patagonia, vidas y costumbres.

Legend: M = Metal, +++ = Gold, ++  = Silver, + = Bronze.
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