Year 2006 Winners

Year 2006 Statistics

A total of 139 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 2, Silver 5, Bronze 20 and no award 112.

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Year 2006 Winners Lists

The following are the Alcazarén year 2006 awards winners lists (27 websites awarded), ordered with the most recent winner first:

Gold Awards List

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Date Ctry M Website Comments
2006-04-12 Korea del Sur (South Korea) +++ Korean Orchid. Information and photos about Korean orchids and wildflowers. Jin Seok Kim gives us a complete description of the Korean orchids including an extense photo album.
2006-02-28 España (Spain) +++ Los Barcos de Eugenio. Colección personal de fotografías de barcos de guerra y aviación naval. La cantidad de fotos e información sobre barcos y aviación naval es exhaustiva, es de destacar el gran detalle de los datos.

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Silver Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2006-11-01 Italia (Italy) ++  Ciosbahn Schweiz. A fantasy railroad sited in Switzerland. N scale built railway layout, includes a photo gallery dedicated to Swiss trains.
2006-11-01 EUA (USA) ++  Marine Boombing Squadron 613 -cancelada (cancelled)-. Dedicated to the men of this MBS 613. Entire MBS 613 history, a great and well reserched content with an elegant site design.
2006-06-13 Israel ++  The history of laurel wreath. The roots of laurel wreath's tradition. A comprehensive study of the laurel wreath's tradition from past to present times.
2006-04-12 Irán ++  Farvardyn. An illustrated reference about ancient Persia. Great wealth of information about ancient Persia in all subjects, with graphics and well organized.
Australia ++  Father's Home Page. Empirical and hypothetical religious constructs. Father Maximiadis gives an amalgam of the spiritual and secular free from pietism, fundamentalism and sectarianism.

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Bronze Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2006-11-01 EUA (USA) + Aleeya dotNet -cerrada (closed)-. Information for all ages. Includes tips, book reviews, photos, recipes, etc.
2006-11-01 Malta (Malta) + Pascal Programming. A tutorial for students. A series of lessons to teach Pascal programming.
2006-11-01 Namibia (Namibia) + New African Frontiers. Information for southern africa tourism. A very well presented information with deep guidance in several topics considered.
Argentina + Portal Energético Int. Publicación del Consejo para el Proyecto Argentino. Artículos y noticias relacionados con la energía en todo el mundo.
2006-06-13 Holanda (Netherlands) + Aviation Photos -cerrado (closed)-. High quality aviation photos. Very well presented aircraft's photographs and videos.
2006-06-13 EUA (USA) + Pelaqita Persians. CFA registered cattery persian cats. Shares the knowledge of this breed, many sections.
2006-06-13 EUA (USA) + All About Pit Bulls -cerrada (closed)-. A deep look of the Pit Bull breed. By understanding dogs a responsible ownership is derived.
2006-06-13 EUA (USA) + Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations -cerrada (closed)-. Ancient civilizacions. A well presented reviews of ancient civilizations.
2006-06-13 Brasil (Brazil) + Alma Poética. Poetry, art gallery and other pages. Many topics are included with a very good presentation.
2006-04-12 Serbia Montenegro + The Magical World of Horses. Horses art by Suzana Stokanovic. Realistic oil on canvas and pastel paintings of horses.
2006-02-28 Argentina + Tinitus Argentina -cerrada (closed)-. El mundo de los profesionales de la salud. Página de consulta amplia para los profesionales de la salud.
2006-02-28 Holanda (Netherlands) + Bullygraphics -cerrada (closed)-. Bull Terrier breed website. Extensive information about the Bull Terrier breed.
2006-02-28 EUA (USA) + Ladies of the Lake. Site dedicated to the musician Greg Lake. Greg Lake, founding member of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer music band.
2006-02-28 EUA (USA) + Jack A. Neal. Virtual photographic library. A very extensive photo library with a very professional web design.
EUA (USA) + Woodstock Preservation. Dedicated to this historic site. Information and pictures of the original Woodstock Music Festival.
2006-02-28 Australia + doobyMusic -cerrada (closed)-. Becky's (dobby) music and poetry. An original website with dobby's musical compositions and poetry.
2006-02-28 EUA (USA) + -cancelada (cancelled)-. Complete guide to Central Park and Central Park Zoo. Extensive events, maps, attractions, sports, activities, history and tourist information.
Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + Salamanders. Young burn survivors, designed for children. Provides information on burns and first aid to children and young people.
2006-01-12 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + Firestarter Pyrography. An artist specialized in burning design onto wood & leather. Jo Philips artwork is shown along with pyrography techniques, website is also an artwork.
Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + Cameradio -cerrada (closed)-. About amateur radio, photography and calculators. Provides comprehensive topics presentations with very well selected links, elaborated website design.

Legend: M = Metal, +++ = Gold, ++  = Silver, + = Bronze.
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