Year 2004 Winners

Year 2004 Statistics

A total of 203 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 4, Silver 9, Bronze 19 and no award 171.

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Year 2004 Winners Lists

The following are the Alcazarén year 2004 awards winners lists (32 websites awarded), ordered with the most recent winner first:

Gold Awards List

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Date Ctry M Website Comments
2004-08-05 EUA (USA) +++ My Link in Time -cerrada (closed)-. Howe genealogy. Geenealogy search up to Howe's 10th generation, has useful genealogy search tips and links.
Bélgica (Belgium) +++ Tim's Spider Corner. Educational site for spider fans. Refers to bird eating spiders and has interesting sections, the design includes sounds perfectly matched.
2004-04-30 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) +++ Witheridge-Devon. A Gateway to the Two Moors Way. An English village website for residents and visitors alike, content with a very pleasant design.
Holanda (Netherlands) +++ BV. Lindenheuvel -cerrada (closed)-. Noble art of billiardsports. History of billiard, describing with precision the rules and styles.

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Silver Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2004-11-09 España (Spain) ++  Claustro. Catálogos sobre la iconografía románica española. Portadas y claustros medievales españoles, descripción detallada con unas 4000 fotografías.
2004-11-09 EUA (USA) ++  Kazakh Adoptive Families. Kazakhstan and the process of international adoption. Detailed information and related links based on personal experience, a resource for those with the same interest.
2004-10-09 Italia (Italy) ++  Diskas's Photos. Las mejores fotos de Diska de alta definición. Gran calidad y definición de los gráficos, música agradable y cómoda navegación.
2004-10-09 Italia (Italy) ++  Lucia Cartoni -cancelada (cancelled)-. Lucia Cartoni's personnal page, with photographs. A good combination of photography and artistic manipulation, a must see rendering.
2004-05-24 Brasil (Brasil) ++  Robatelie -cerrada temporalmente (closed temporarily)-. La página personal del artista brasileño Roberto Thomas Arruda. Roberto comparte con nosotros sus cuadros y fotos, incluye también diseños en fractales y un programa de premios.
2004-03-21 Portugal ++  BigEye Siteport! -cerrada (closed)-. Information about Portugal, city of Chaves and miscellaneous topics. Vitor Oliveira's webpage concisely presents several topics, the site design is of great quality as well as the Award Program that it hosts.
2004-01-27 España (Spain) ++  SETI@home en Astroseti. Búsqueda de patrones inteligentes en señales de radio procedentes del espacio. Sobre SETI@home dispone de información, foros y detalladas estadísticas, enriquecida con artículos y entrevistas sobre astronomía.
2004-01-27 EUA (USA) ++  Chamowners -cerrada (closed)-. Housing, feeding, hydration and taxonomy of true chameleons. The chamaleons and their habitat are deeply explained, the website navigation is very easy and practical.
2004-01-27 Italia (Italy) ++  Euromania. The Euro, banknotes and coins of legal course in several European countries. Exhaustive Euro information with perfect graphical presentation, high quality site design.

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Bronze Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2004-11-09 EUA (USA) + Notes from the Road -cancelada (cancelled)-. Personal Travel experience in city and country. Erik Gauger's experimental travel writing including a very good photography collection.
2004-10-09 Holanda (Netherlands) + Jetzone 2000 -cancelada (cancelled)-. Andries van Straten military aviation photography. Andries's airplanes collection is perfectly displayed, the web design delicacy is outstanding.
2004-08-05 Suiza (Switzerland) + Zona Bianconera -cerrada (closed)-. Ice hockey team of Lugano. All the possible aspects related with the ice hockey team are shown, including Lugano!
2004-08-05 EUA (USA) + SMHAI. Site dedicated to suicide and mental health issues. The Association main goal is to prevent suicidal behavior and to relief its effects.
Holanda (Netherlands) + It's Wishcraft. About cats, horses, Australia and the Bewitched TV series. Hannah shares her knowledge on several topics, interesting the cat's genetics and the Bewitched TV series information.
2004-05-24 Israel (Israel) + Art of a New Age. Traditional and digital art paintings. The art of Elsina and Daniel excels in several painting areas, very nice digital 3-Ds and the website style.
2004-05-24 EUA (USA) + Seacology. To preserve the environment of world's islands. Lists the islands projects, publishes a bewsletter and has photographs and articles regarding Seacology.
2004-04-30 España (Spain) + Arte románico en Navarra. 18 recorridos del autor en Navarra. Los recorridos describen los monumentos románicos acompañándolos con fotos de muy buena calidad y con mapas.
2004-04-30 Italia (Italy) + Formula-1 Italia. The landmark of F-1 supporters. Information about the results, circuits, pilots, teams and all the Formula 1 related aspects. Original design.
2004-04-30 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + The Trevithick Society -cancelada (cancelled)-. Official website of the UK's oldest industrial preservation society. To be visited by everyone interested in industrial archeology and in the industrial past in Cornwall.
2004-03-21 Holanda (Netherlands) + Blue Oceans -cancelada (cancelada)-. Web design, scuba diving, conservation an psychology. Interesting information about scuba diving and its psychology with nice photographs and videos.
2004-03-21 Cánada (Canada) + The Art of Herb Sellin. A retrospective exhibition of Herb Sellin paintings. More than 500 Works of Art pained by Herb over a period of 30 years, original website design.
2004-03-21 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + Safe Haven. A site for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Support given to those on the path to healing, includes a section on myths and facts about abuse.
2004-03-06 Italia (Italy) + La Regia Marina -cerrada (closed)-. The Royal Italian Navy in World Ward II. The lack of information about Italian Navy in WWII is fulfilled by this website covering many of its aspects.
2004-03-06 India (India) + Remittag -cancelada (cancelled)-. A knowledge building site based on quizzes. Many types of quizzes are found, combined with a site sophisticated design style and technology.
2004-01-27 España (Spain) + Mijas -cerrada (closed)-. Un bonito municipio de la Costa del Sol en Málaga. Una completa descripción de Mijas y de su entorno, el turista puede consultar esta página en 4 idiomas.
2004-01-27 EUA (USA) + Scatacook. Support for nearly 70 Boy Scout Units in Fairfield, Connecticut. Provides up to date calendar of events, training, and scouting information and resources available in Internet.
2004-01-27 EUA (USA) + Jim Conte. The portfolio of artist and web designer Jim Conte. The illustration, fine art, web development and graphic design are shown, all with a high degree of delicacy and taste.
2004-01-27 Australia + Beneath the Moon and Stars -cerrada (closed)-. Simone Byrne poetical view of life. A poetic journey, mostly written in traditional Australian bush verse, original and well designed website.

Legend: M = Metal, +++ = Gold, ++  = Silver, + = Bronze.
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