Luis Vadillo en el Vaticano el 2002-10-08

Luis E. Vadillo

Spanish, English and Italian language websites evaluator.

Owner and webmaster of this Villa de Alcazarén and Alcazarén Award Program website. Born in Spain, he is a Physicist working in Madrid in the aerospace industry with experience in satellite tracking stations, Quality Assurance and Information Technology. Started working with computers building an Intel S-100 bus system, owned and played with an Intel SDK-85, etc. He has worked in several programming languages and operating systems. Other interests apart from computers: astronomy, space research and biking.

Luis is an IWARA (International Web Award Rating Association) Certified Evaluator. Also, he has worked as an evaluator for the Webs Awards AP rating program and as the Spanish language reviewer for the WWWEC (World Wide Web Ethics Community).

Colaborates with Korea Award Program as a Spanish language websites evaluator, formerly with, the now closed, Cerulian Vault Award Program, BigEye Award Program and Tim's Spider Corner Award Progran.

The evaluation experience gained while visiting applicant's websites does help this one constantly, changes are frequently done specially in those aspects related with better coding, accessibility and design. Please note that a good evaluator is not necessarily a good web designer, nor the contrary.

Was also an evaluator of an AP rating program, it enabled Luis to have a closer contact with other APs, directly and in several forums. No two APs are equal, but all have high ethical standards and a common goal, a better Internet.


Raquel Vadillo en la fiesta de Fín de Año

Raquel Vadillo

Spanish, Portuguese and French language websites evaluator.

Born in Spain, she is presently a software engineering student. Apart from studying almost all her life, she has also received painting classes and is the design evaluator of the Alcazarén Award Program. Other interests apart from her work are: painting, swimming, dancing and music.

Being an evaluator position has helped Raquel to gain a deeper insight of what a website is, mainly in taking into account the value of the different and important sections that form it: design, content and navigation.


Jin Seok Kim

Jin Seok Kim

Korean and Chinese language websites evaluator.

Owner and webmaster of Korea Award, Korean Orchid and Fenglan-Wind Orchid. Born in Korea he graduated from an Art University with a degree in Oil Painting.

He is presently: Director of Kwangju-City Culture Department, Kyonggi Province, Korea (since 1987), Official director of "Korea International Orchid Interchange Society's international department", Official director of "Corporation Korean Calanthe Society's International Cooperation department", Membership of "Orchid Love Club" of Korea.

He is also member of: APEX, TEAM, IWARA, Ethics Pledge. Order of Merit (Top Award Master) of DT-A-P European Webaward Community Index Team.

Official Evaluator for: ATGP Award SOTY, Stargazer Award Index (SAI), APRIS, CSB Award Program, European Webaward Community and Alcazarén Award Program.

Former member of the following retired and closed programs or institutions: CEM/CEMA, WWWEC, Award Ethics Club Global (AECG), WebsAwards HUMAN HELP / Anti Virus Coalition / World's Best Graphics Club / PROFESSIONALS, Trainer of R-IWA & Web Site Quality Evaluator and Web Ethics and professor of RAU, TOTW Certified Evaluator, 1 Simple Guide Web Award (1SGWA), Awards Site UK, Anti-Stimm-Award (ASA) Program, Awards Site Rating Program, Euro Award Index (EAI), SpeedyAdverts Award Program, BigEye Award Program and Tim's Spider Corner Award Program.

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