Award Graphics

Awards and Qualification Graphics

There are four Award Program graphics: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualification. Several sets are in use and some may be withdrawn. They are shown here to provide a view of their evolution. Only the graphics (2 sizes) from the default set will be sent to the award winners, however, any other active set graphic can be used if requested by e-mail.

The Gold award is considered a World's Top Award since January 1, 2005.

For an applicant to obtain an Alcazarén award, the website must score as follows: Bronze award: 60 to 74 points, Silver award: 75 to 89 points, Gold award: 90 to 100 points.

Only those websites that meet the qualification requirements can use the 5cq Qualified graphic (blue). The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards can only be used by a winner. The graphics size may be reduced not more than 25 %, but it is not recommended.

Thank you to the designers of these graphics as their art work enhances the prestige of this Award Program.


  • Gold-02-1

    World's Top Award since 2005-01-01
  • Silver-02-1
  • Bronze-02-1
  • 5cq Qualified-02-1
    5cq Qualified-02-1


  • Gold-02-2

    World's Top Award since 2005-01-01
  • 5cq Qualified-02-2
    5cq Qualified-02-2
  • 5cq Qualified-02-3
    5cq Qualified-02-3

SET 02

Kindly created for this AP by Paulo Soares-Perry, webmaster and graphic designer.

ACTIVE (default)
Issued on 2003-04-22
Personalized with the winner website name
The 5cq Qualified logo can be used
The awards are sent to the winners at evaluation completion (default), will also be given to previous set holders upon request

Subset 02-1 logos have 95x155 pixels, 256 colors and a size close to 9 kibibytes
Subset 02-2 logos have 120x192 pixels, 256 colors and a size close to 14 kibibytes
Qualified-02-3 logo has 114x114 pixels, 256 colors and a size close to 10 kibibytes



  • Gold-01-1
  • Silver-01-1
  • Bronze-01-1
  • 5cq Qualified-01-1
    5cq Qualified-01-1

Set 01

Designed by this Award Program

Issued on 2003-02-09 (original)
Not personalized, the awards include the year of issue (2003)
The 5cq Qualified logo can be used
The awards will only be given, upon request, to year 2003 winners

All logos are 75x120 pixels, 24 bit color and a size close to 8 kibibytes


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why don't you correct the spelling of "kibibytes" (with "kilobytes")?

Kilobytes are incorrectly used as multiples of 1024 bytes, 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes the same as 1 kilometer = 1000 meters! 1024 multiples must be named without the prefix "kilo", "kibi" (kilo-binary) is a good option, see NIST Recommendation.

This 2.4 % error increments with prefixes as they go higher (4.9 and 7.4 % for mega and giga respectively). Many PC users get disappointed when the Operating Systems report that their new hard disk has less "gigas" (the OS report is in "gibis") than what the disk manufacturer specified, but the disk does comply as the specification is in real "gigas".

Wouldn't your awards look better if you make them a little bit taller?

Agree partly. It confirms our perception that a 10 % taller could make them look better, but...

Beauty is difficult to master and sometimes impossible. After reading on the subject in the XXth century and finding Internet links in this one, it was settled, prior to this AP inception, that the award rectangle sides relation had to be the "Golden Section or Phi number", it is approximately 1.618..., intimately related to the Fibonacci number series.

In ancient times, many constructions employed simple geometrical relations, clearly shows you this (how to make an Auron from a square with a compass and a ruler). There is no easy way to increment Phi 10 % and to draw the rectangle with the aforementioned tools! Nowadays the Phi number keeps being used by painters and architects. Nature is full of examples of the same. Who can explain this beauty-nature relationship?

Many graphics' rectangles in use don't relate to Phi at all (e.g.: banners, badges, rating logos, etc.) but awards do. So, our awards follow, as much closer as possible, the Golden Section relation, as well as your (Gold) credit card does. It has been observed that some APs awards follow Phi. On purpose or unintentionally?

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