Year 2005 Winners

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A total of 160 applicants distributed as follows: Gold 7, Silver 7, Bronze 24 and no award 122.

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Year 2005 Winners Lists

The following are the Alcazarén year 2005 awards winners lists (38 websites awarded), ordered with the most recent winner first:

Gold Awards List

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Date Ctry M Website Comments
2005-10-03 Italia (Italy) +++ Euromania. The Euro, banknotes and coins of legal course in several Europena countries. Exhaustive Euro Information with perfect graphical presentation, high quality site design.
2005-10-03 Holanda (Netherlands) +++ Luuk's Travel Site. Travel tips to exotic destinations. Author travel tips from his own experiences, also an html tutorial and additional topics.
2005-10-03 Francia (France) +++ Marseille Prospective Lions Club. Club activities description. Opera club, Humani Terra, ADOS and the "Talking Book library" for visually impaired persons.
2005-07-01 Argentina +++ Machiavelli -cerrada (closed)-. A site about Niccolò Machiavelli's work "The Prince". A knowledgeable extract and introduction of "The Prince" in an elegant and well designed website.
2005-02-13 Portugal +++ BigEye Siteport! -cerrada (closed)-. Information about Portugal, city of Chaves and other topics. Vitor Oliveira's webpage concisely presents its topics, the design aspect is of great quality.
2005-02-13 EUA (USA) +++ Poetry from the Hearth. Original poetry and short stories. Bernie Howe's poetry and stories are enhanced with a style section and a clear website design.
2005-01-02 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) +++ Assess Risk. Advice relating to workplace health and safety. Deep and concise UK regulated health and safety notes, design delicate per W3C standards.

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Silver Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
EUA (USA) ++  Jonathan's Corner. Author's sotries and essays on several subjects. A collection of sundry fiction, essays, poetry, humor, games, and art. Well presented and designed.
2005-12-11 Cánada (Canada) ++  The Sundial Primer cancelada -(cancelled)-. About a variety of sundials and how to make them. The sundials information is detailed and concise, a reference point on the subject.
2005-12-11 EUA (USA) ++  The Ol' Hook & Eye. A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad. History of the railroad that ran in the hearth of Pennsylvania with a perfect web design.
2005-10-03 Argentina ++  Capilla del Señor -cancelada (cancelled)-. Sitio institucional de Capilla del Señor. Completa información acerca del primer pueblo histórico nacional de Argentina.
2005-10-03 Italia (Italia) ++  Incontri di Luce -cancelada -cancelled)-. Urban, silence, natural and other photographs. A varied set of very good quality photographs with a sophisticated web presentation.
2005-05-23 Australia ++  Rhianna's Rampage -cerrada (closed)-. Wildlife recues, wildlife facts, and art. Shares stories about wildlife and the rescue and rehabilitation done by Rhianna, very well presented.
2005-02-13 EUA (USA) ++  Tom Chao's Paper Money. World paper money gallery. A very interesting paper money collection with good quality prints and presentation by its author.

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Bronze Awards List

Date Ctry M Website Comments
2005-12-11 Israel + Liza Kliko's digital artworks. Authors's portfolio of art creations. Different styles of modern digital art, created using various software tools by an artist.
2005-12-11 EUA (USA) + St. Mary's Medical Center -cancelada (cancelled=-. Medical center's functional website. An example of a good design using present available tools.
2005-12-11 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + RMS Carnoia II Timeline. Life and times aboard this Cunard's ship. Explore an era of luxury ocean travel that's not likely to ever be repeated.
2005-12-11 EUA (USA) + Newton's Castle -cancelada (cancelled)-. A project about Newton's life and legend. Learn about color, optical illusions, observations from nature and other fascinating facts.
2005-12-11 EUA (USA) + TargetWoman -cancelada (cancelled)-. A directory/portal dedicated to women. Features well researched articles with lavish illustrations.
2005-10-03 España (Spain) + Jose Javier Cabello -cancelada (cancelled)-. Original oil and acrylic paintings and photography. A perfectly designed web exposition of the authors's work of art.
2005-10-03 Israel + The history of laurel wreath. The roots of laurel wreath's tradition. A comprehensive study of the laurel wreath's tradition from past to present times.
2005-10-03 Italia (Italy) + Ciosbahn. A fantasy railroad sited in Switzerland. N scale built railway layout, includes a photo gallery dedicated to Swiss trains.
2005-08-24 EUA (USA) + NetBulge. Website design and development information. Includes articles, news and resources for web developers and designers.
2005-08-24 EUA (USA) + Chenoa German Sheperds. First time owner dog care education. Most of the issues raised when having a German Sheperd are taken care of, direct help is also available.
2005-08-24 Canada + Omnihilus -cancelada (cancelled)-. An articles encyclopedia different from others. Articles created by the users on 14 different main topics.
2005-08-24 Italia (Italy) + Walt Mesk Images -cancelada (cancelled)-. A personal photography site. An art photographic collection from Walt's cameras.
2005-08-24 EUA (USA) + GSMRRC. Garden State Model Railway Club Inc. The site has a little of something for those interested in Northeastern US railroading.
2005-08-24 EUA (USA) + Miguel Ángel Ávila -cancelada (cancelled)-. Online gallery space of fine artist Miguel Ángel Ávila. A gallery to see, shows the paths for for some of his work of art creation.
2005-07-01 Malasia (Malasya) + Andrew's Responsorial Psalms. Responsorial Psalms for Mass and other Liturgical Seasons. The complete collection of responsorial psalms for the 3 year Mass cycle is available.
2005-04-16 EUA (USA) + Regina Pottery -cancelada (cancelled)-. Regina pottery resource for collectors. A required visit for those interested in this subject, author's comments are welcomed.
2005-03-17 Singapur (Singapore) + Chinese New Year -cerrada (closed)-. Chinese customs and culture. Interesting, concise and informative articles with a special website flavor.
2005-03-17 EUA (USA) + Dreamtide -cerrada (closed)-. Arts site dedicated to memories and dreams. Several galleries with a delicate and professional presentation.
2005-03-17 Finlandia (Finland) + Blackhole -cerrada (closed)-. Contemporary art gallery. Ismo Kokiaho extensive paintings collection with a well done website design.
2005-02-13 EUA (USA) + Jonathan's Corner. Eclectic assortment of stories and essays. A wide variety of stories, essays, humos, games and art, well linked internally.
2005-02-13 EUA (USA) + Art by Mark Westfall -cancelada (cancelled)-. Painter galleries including spectrographic art. A portfolio of Mark's art works including his original spectographic acrylic paintings.
2005-02-13 Reino Unido (United Kingdom) + 152 Flight Squadron -cancelada (cancelled)-. Site dedicated to this RAF squadron. The history, and specially, the men that formed the 152 Flight squadron between 1939-1967.
2005-02-13 Alemania (Germany) + Norfolk terrier -cerrada (closed)-. An introduction to the Norfolk terrier breed. A source of information about the Norfolk terriers with a very pleasant design.
EUA (USA) + Joe Kohl. Cartoons, illustrations by renown American cartoonist. An originally designed website to show Joe's cartoons and illustrations.

Legend: M = Metal, +++ = Gold, ++  = Silver, + = Bronze.
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