Award Request

Evaluation Request

If the Alcazarén Award applicant website is within the scope of this AP, its webmaster or owner can request the evaluation, otherwise, please don't apply.

When an application is received, an e-mail acknowledgement is sent back as an application confirmation receipt and as a date tag, if the e-mail acknowledgement is not received by the applicant within a week, please send the application again.

Within two months an applicant with enough points will receive an e-mail with the award and a laudation. Also, the winners will be displayed in the Status, Statistics and Winners section and the Gold award winners will be honored with their inclusion in this AP most valued Hall of Fame. Winners will be displayed and their links maintained and updated for at least 3 years, if a website changes its address or it is closed, please advise to avoid a broken link in this AP.

No response will be given to those candidates that do not get an award. The evaluation result is final. No evaluation feedback will be provided to an applicant, even if requested.

An evaluation status can be viewed in the Status, Statistics and Winners section. Apart from the statistics and winners lists, the date of the last evaluated websites is given.

When winning any award, it is required, beyond complying with the AP scope and the quality of the winner website, to show in it the award graphic won.

This AP thanks, in advance, those award winners that, as an option, incorporate a link to in the award graphic, as there is no obligation to do so.

To request the Alcazarén Award an automatic form submission has been prepared in the Request Form section. If an e-mail is used instead, its content must parallel the form's content.

Re-evaluation Request

Re-evaluations can be requested after four months from a previous evaluation, provided that the website has undergone significant changes or if the award qualifications and purposes are updated.

Re-evaluation is also recommended for those sites that have an award for more than 3 years, as they may no longer be displayed or their links maintained in this AP winners lists.

The re-evaluations will be performed as new evaluations and their results invalidate previous ones. It may happen that the intent of the re-evaluation (get a higher valued award) could be reversed and a lesser award be given (cannot keep previous one), or no award at all.

Re-evaluation requests are sent to this AP with the same Form as for the initial evaluation, it is important to fulfill Form field 8 (re-evaluation justification).


An award holder will remove the award graphic from the website if the award is cancelled, the website will also be removed from the winners list. An award deletion may also be initiated by the award holder. If an award is revoked all related records are destroyed. Further re-evaluations of a cancelled winner website is an AP option.

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