Purpose and Scope

Purpose (1)

The purpose that led to the creation and the existence of this AP is as follows:

Award those Spanish written sites that are to be recognized for their outstanding content, an aspect that was not sufficiently fulfilled by existing Award Programs. The previous reasoning does not limit, in any way, the evaluation result of a website written in another language.

Please note that it is the content which is emphasized. A good design is also valuable as long as it enhances the content. Good content is not related to the quantity of information given (very often redundant), but to the knowledge that can be gained from it.

Not mentioned in the purpose but important during the evaluation, is website accessibility, that is, how access to the information by impaired persons is facilitated by the webmaster.

Scope (2)

This AP does not cover all types of websites, the scope has been narrowed in order to make its operation feasible. The limitations are as follows:

  1. AP applicant's (owner or webmaster) age has to be 18 years or older. If the law of the applicant’s own country enforces a higher age, the latter prevails.
  2. Due to the evaluation process limitations, the award applicant's native website language needs to be Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Korean or Chinese.
  3. Websites with encrypted source code or those based on Flash (or a similar program) are excluded as they require special analysis tools.
  4. Blogs or Forums are not evaluated; if they are part of a website they will not be considered in the evaluation process, the time required to evaluate them is far beyond our capabilities.
  5. With regards to the website content (type and quantity), some conditions need to be met which are specified in the Qualification section (5cq Qualification Table).


(1). Last Purpose update: 2004-11-23.

(2). Last Scope update: 2006-04-12.

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