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Welcome to the Alcazarén Award Program (AP).

Enjoy your visit to this program and, if you are the website owner or webmaster and you feel that your site deserves one of our awards, please apply for it, it's not a giveaway award. We wish you good luck during the evaluation process.

The AP has been on line since 2003-02-07. The awards are free of charge.

Rated by:

  • Icono World's Top Award (2006-02-10) .
  • Icono Award Sites! 5.0 Elite Award (2005-08-24) .
    Icono Diskus Award Index 4 (2006-09-13) .
  • Icono UWSAG 5 (2004-12-21) .
    Icono Webs Awards 4 (2004-06-07) .
  • Icono Association for Web Awards Rating and Development 5.5 (2008-03-31) .
    Icono Belgica Excellence Index 7.5 (2007-04-30) .

In the following lines we will try to explain to you more about it. Our most valuable asset, as it should, is the Winners section. You are invited to visit the sites that have earned the Alcazarén award, as we can assure you that you will enjoy an unexpected and gratifying journey when linking to them.

All the graphics displayed in this AP are protected by copyright law and cannot be used without the authorization of their creators.

Recognized with:

  • Icono Award Sites! Notable Service Recognition (2008-03-05)
  • Icono AWARD Excellent Service Award - 5 Years Online (2008-03-31)


The process that the applicants for the Alcazarén Award must go through is very simple. After reading this window content, the following sections need to be read to ensure that compliance is met and that all the conditions are known:

  • Purpose and Scope. Explains the award's purpose and the scope that it covers.
  • Qualification. Gives characteristics that we look for in an applicant's website in order for an evaluation to take place.
  • Evaluation Criteria and Scoring. Being a site within the scope of this AP, the evaluation will be done according to the shown criteria and scoring evaluation.
  • Award Request. Explains how to request the award, the evaluation time frame and the conditions that both the applicant and this AP are required to comply with. It also refers to what is required for a re-evaluation, and when a given award may be cancelled.
  • Request Form. The form that should be completed and forwarded to this AP when applying for an award.
  • Graphics. Shows the graphics design and characteristics of the awards that will be displayed in the winning website.

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Applicants are also recommended to visit the following sections:

  • Code of Ethics, Privacy and copyright. Indicates the required ethical code that the evaluators follow and this website's privacy policy and copyright.
  • Evaluators. Evaluator profiles, shown as a courtesy to the AP applicants.
  • Affiliations. The AP has different ratings and memberships. This, in addition to the two aforementioned items, is an indication of our seriousness and responsibility.
  • Status, Statistics and Winners. All the Alcazarén award winners are listed, each year in a different subsection. Evaluation status and statistical information is also provided.
  • Hall of Fame.The last and most valued section, to honor those websites that have earned the Alcazarén Gold Award.


Back in March 2003, the first Alcazarén AP English version was put on line, if you wish, you can download AlcazarenAP_March2003.mht (use Microsoft Internet Explorer to open these file types) and see how this AP looked at that time, page background is not shown, we hope that this flashback encourages future AP owners!

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